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Breast feeding video Follow Me Mum

Avoid breast feeding problems! Rebecca Glover's famous breastfeeding video can help

"Mothers are built to follow their baby's lead.

Knowing what your baby can do is the first step towards knowing how to help". 

Glover.R, Wiessinger D, Ch 5. P125 Supporting Sucking Skills 2nd ed

Emmanuelle found that repeated watching of Follow Me Mum showed her how to help her baby latch deeply, comfortably and effectively. 


However you may find 4 weeks viewing even more helpful.

Because you can watch "Follow Me Mum" as often as you like before and after you have your baby.

Mothers and Health professionals may be interested to know that  in 2007 a study by Kingston and colleagues reported that "Mothers who had observed breastfeeding videos during the prenatal or immediate postpartum period had significantly higher breastfeeding self-efficacy [confidence in their ability to breastfeed] than those who had not."   With modern technology perhaps we can carry real examples of successful newborn latching behaviours in our pocket - or ipad!

Nature's way to learn to breastfeed is by watching other women successfully supporting their newborn baby's instinctive latching behaviours.   Sadly this rarely happens in our modern cultures.

The Breastfeeding video:  "Follow Me Mum":

is designed to help mothers:

  • understand how breastfeeding works
  • learn how to work with your baby's instinctive latching behaviour
  • enjoy your breastfeeding experience




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